About Us

My name is Megan and I started this boutique back in 2017.
After the birth of my second child money was a little bit tighter than before so I started creating decals and monograms for my family and friends.
As a working mom I am constantly on the go! I like to have cute quick looks that are easy to put together and comfortable. 
Most clothing I love is way over too expensive for a young working mom like me or just don't have that sparkle I am looking for. 
I started making my own clothing and even some accessories to add to my decal small business. 
Eventually I would get asked by friends and strangers where I got my clothing from. So I decided to turn my small business into a boutique that offers high quality items for women and their families at affordable prices that would fit any budget.
My mission is to offer moms and other young women trendy boutique items and personalized goodies at an affordable price. 
We work hard and are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service. We treat our customers just like we would want to be treated and understand that your money and time are important and we are honored you choose to share those with us and your families.

We are an online only business at this time.

Our business is growing and we are so excited for the future!



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